Pantener Moorweiher

The N2000 site Pantener Moorweiher is part of a valley created by glacial melting waters. Due to the morphological features the habitat diversity is big. In the bottom of the valley is a little lake with surrounding swamps, reed beds, wet pastures and alder swamp. The slopes with sandy soils contain dry grasslands and springs at the food of the slopes. Due to the diversity a great number of species occur, among them also the sand lizard with a good population. The green toad disappeared 30 years ago, but still good land habitats are available.

Planned actions

The main focus of the project is the reintroduce the green toad and to stabilize the local inland population in the region by that. In the first round new ponds and bare ground patches will be created. When habitats are suitable a release program is planned. The tree frog already at the site will profit from pond creation.