Winderatter See

The lake Winderatt with 22,5 ha size is situated south-east of Flensburg and it is part of the N2000 site “Treene, Winderatter See bis Friedrichstadt und Bollingstedter Au“, which includes the main courses of the river system of the Treene river. The former arable fields around the lake had been purchased in the 1980th. The fields were integrated into a large “wild pasture” grazed by robust cattle. In 200 ha pastures several ponds had been reactivated or created newly from end of 1990th onwards. These ponds are the basis for the successful reintroduction of the tree frog 20 years ago. The population is nowadays one of the largest in Schleswig-Holstein and is spreading into the surrounding landscapes.

Planned actions

Within the SemiAquaticLife it is planned to introduce also the fire bellied toad to the site. Parallel existing ponds will be improved for the fire bellied toad by mud removal or control of Canadian water weed, which colonized some ponds. The tree frog will profit from these actions.